April 2016


May, 2016

Spring is always a busy time of year as the students prepare for the end of year requirements, and demonstrate learning on Kansas Assessment Tests, and the MAP’s (Measures of Academic Progress) tests.   The second semester is almost complete and students see the end is near.  Our seniors are actively planning for their lives after high school, as they make the best of their remaining time here.  Life is a continuum of change and educational arena is no exception.  Currently changes in education are coming rapidly and in torrents.  Preparing our students for new academic standards and a totally new Kansas assessment is essential.  To assure every student’s success this preparation must be a major part of every school’s vision.  USD223, as always, is working diligently to assure a smooth, successful transition for our students.  

Now more than ever before is the need for the effective implementation of instructional technology.  There isn’t any business that doesn’t heavily depend upon the use of technology.  Currently the daily discovery of knowledge is rendering textbooks obsolete as soon as they come off the printing press.  Reliable resources on the Internet have replaced traditional avenues of research by allowing information to be accessed instantaneously.  The role of instructors is changing from one who disseminates information to one who facilitates information discovery and provides guidance for the discerning of its accuracy.  

Because of the new trends in technology, the USD223 Board has approved the purchase of new Chromebooks that will be available for every 7th-12th grade student going into the 2016-17 school year.  These Chromebooks will be available for the students to use at school or at home.  The Board has also approved the purchase of enough iPads so all 2nd-6th grade student will have access to them at school.  The new technology devices are being funded by a “Small Rural’s School Grant” which will award approximately $60,000 towards this purchase.  

Considering all the available resources to enhance instruction, this is an exciting time in education.  Our goal is to assure that USD223 students graduate college and career ready and that they sustain a hunger for learning throughout their lives. We are preparing our student with essential tools and skills to successfully compete in a job market that currently doesn’t exist.  While presently we don’t have a clear picture of what the future holds, we are embracing a vision to prepare our student for the future.  The students of USD223 will be able to effectively utilize technology, think critically and solve problems, as well as set the competitive cure in the 21st century.

Brian Cordel, USD223 Superintendent