Daily Bulletin

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2-20-19 - ACT State Testing - 8:30am
                 Mr. Ohlde's Classroom

2-21-19 - JH Scholar Bowl practice at 7:30am

                 ACT State Testing - AM

                 JH SB at Wymore - 5:00pm
                 Bus leaves at 4:00pm

                 HS Regional BB Tournament

2-22-19 - HS Regional BB Tournament

2-23-19 - HS Regional BB Tournament

2-25-19 - Golf & Track Practices Begin

                 JH SB BVL Tournament at Luckey

                 SITE Council - 7:00pm

2-26-19 - SAVE@SCHOOL - 7:45am in the gym

2-28-19 - HS Sub State BB Tournament

3-1-19 - 3rd Quarter Ends

               HS Sub State BB Tournament

3-2-19 - HS Sub State BB Tournament

February 20, 2019
Library Hours

HS Girls Regional BB game will be Thursday evening at 7:30, in Washington.  HS Boys will play Friday at 6:00pm at Washington.

Please consider this a reminder for all students who are taking the ACT/WorkKeys assessments on Wednesday and Thursday mornings that attendance is crucial.  This is an awesome opportunity that we need to capitalize on.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  We will be doing preliminary completion of non-test preparation requirements today in your Eng. III classes.  Thank you!     Mrs. Hagedorn




























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