The Special Education Services received by the students are dependent on their Individual Education Program (IEP).  The students that receive special education services may receive services in a general education (inclusive environment) or have direct instruction in a special education classroom.  I work with students to assist them in reaching their full potential in their areas of need.  

All students are provided an Assignment book/planner to keep track of assignments and important dates.  Students are given homework on a daily basis and it is important to get it completed each night so they don't fall behind and have late grades.  Getting behind can cause a great deal of frustration and anxiety and negatively impact student success.  

Parents can help their children by reviewing planners with the students and being aware of upcoming quizzes, projects, tests, etc.  Study with your child in advance of quizzes/tests and get started on projects right away to avoid last minute completion.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me by email or by phone at the school.