Mrs. Theresa Bruna

 The quality of a persons life is in direct proportion

to their commitment to excellence. ~ Vince Lombardi



I, as a teacher, share the bond of a unique profession with millions of others worldwide.  I not only have the responsibility of being an educator to you, the student, but to also act as a caregiver, counselor and guardian.

I believe in the saying that “Teachers Change the World…..One Student at a Time.”   Each student that I teach will bring their own unique characteristics, learning styles and attitudes to my classroom.  It is my job to assist each individual student to achieve a successful level in learning the objectives in my class. 

Mathematics is not difficult.  Mathematics is just different, and time is the key factor that turns very foreign things into familiar ones.  Since students learn at different speeds, I will make time available for before and after school assistance.

It is my belief that each of these students can learn and I am committed to providing an environment that promotes that learning.  I will continue to demonstrate professional behavior and attitudes toward all of my students as I interact with them daily.  

In return, I expect students to demonstrate good class participation, exhibit positive individual self-motivation, initiate essential academic assistance, establish themselves as leaders in the classroom and maintain exceptional grades in the classroom.