Behavior Expectations

§ Allow me to Teach; Allow others to Learn.    The right to learn is the right of all students.  Consequently, inappropriate behaviors that distract classmates will not be tolerated.  

§ Respect Yourself, Respect Others.    Students will be expected to show respect to fellow students, teachers, administrators and facilities; and also to their ideas and property.

§ A disciplined person is one who does what needs to be done when it needs to be done!!

§ ADVOCATE for yourself!!  
Your words, your attire, and your actions describe to others who and what you are all about!!

§No food allowed in the classroom without permission from me.  
Only clear water bottles with water are allowed.

§ Cell Phones (other media) should be turned off and stored in backpacks (not in clothes pockets) prior to coming to class.  No headphones allowed.


§ You will be allowed use of the "Hall Pass" for movement within the new building only.  
Any other destination will require signatures in your planner.

§ The Hanover High School Handbook (found in your planner) outlines further expectations.  Pay special attention to attendance, cell phones, and dress code!