August 2016
Principal’s Newsletter  (August 24, 2016)

We are extremely excited about the upcoming school year and the many different talents our students will be sharing with the community.  Of course, as you know, the students here at Hanover are extremely talented in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities.  We look forward to watching our students develop these talents over the next several months.  

We have made several facility changes to the building over the summer.  First, the main office which was located on the West end of the building is now located towards the front of the building and immediately to your left as you walk up the front steps.  This allows new visitors a much easier access without roaming the building looking for the front office, plus much more room for the office personnel to navigate around. 

Secondly, the art room which was located in the free-standing building directly South of the building is now located in the old FAC’s room which is on the main floor facing South.  The FAC’s program was phased out a couple of years ago due to lack of interest and low enrollment in the classes.  The “old” art room is being converted into a new weight room.  Hanover has had excellent participation from boys and girls and the old weight room which was located in the basement had very little room for the students to lift weights safely.  The old weight room will be converted into a tornado proof “safe room” in case of severe weather.  Currently the students cross Church Street east of the building to take shelter in the St. John’s Catholic School basement.

Hanover schools has had two libraries for a number of years, so the third main change is we combined both libraries into one which is now located on the third floor and contains all the K-12 books.  The main floor library has been converted into a classroom.  

We are still in the process of completing our outside playground area.  Hopefully, when completed the majority of the playground will be together at the Northwest end of the school block.

A major curriculum tool addition to Hanover Schools has been purchase of Chromebooks for all 7th-12th graders.  This is a small computer laptop that all students will be able to use 24/7 either at school or at home.  The entire district has also adopted new math textbooks which has been downloaded to the Chromebook which makes the new laptop also the new math textbook.

Next week will mark the start of the fall seasons.  On Tuesday, August 30th our high school girls’ volleyball team travels to Clifton/Clyde which will begin at 5:00pm.  The junior high teams will be at Valley Heights on Thursday for a 5:00 volleyball start and a 6:30 kick-off for football.  Finally, the high school boys’ football team will be on the road to Lebo for a 7:00 kick-off.  If you get the opportunity to come out and support our student athletes, please do so.  Please remember next week and every week to show good sportsmanship by cheering for our athletes, not against the opponent or officials.

We will once again be offering season passes for our fans.  If you are interested please contact the office.  There are a variety of options with the season passes - so if you have questions about which one is more appropriate for your family needs, please ask.  All passes offer a 20% savings throughout the year.

Finally, I would like to welcome our new staff members to the Hanover school system:
Tamara Gordon K-12 Music
Monica Kiesling K-12 Art
Morgan Reinhart Business, FBLA Sponsor
Austin Steinfort Vo-Ag / Woods, FFA Sponsor
Drew Stone 7-12 Science
Tabbi Meyer K-12 Paraprofessional

Please remember throughout the year that we are highly concerned with the success of every student that comes in our building.  If you have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the students teacher or the office.  Our goal at school is to help your child achieve his or her goals.  We believe that a positive partnership between the school and parents is vital in accomplishing our student’s goals.

Thank you,

Brian Cordel, Hanover Principal
USD223 Superintendent

Hanover Schools
(785) 337-2281
209 E. North St.
Hanover,  KS  66945