Mr. Colby Cormack

Hello My Name Is...

Colby Cormack

Announcements for 2016-17

1. Students will be taking their notes on Chromebooks. This will allow for the teacher to view notes as they write them and help find what type of note-taking strategies will help them in the future.
2. The coursework will look different from those who've had me in the past. Lessons will be given to students to help them with their notes. Reading assignments will be almost all done at home now.
3. Check your class syllabus for Grading and Late Work policies
4. Classroom pedagogy will be much more focused on student centered activities. This means less lecture and more activity/project. Although this is very advantageous for the students, it does give them a lot more responsibility.

Philosophy of Education

I consider that the world is very complex. I believe that a student’s education is just as complex. I rely on an exploratory education that has it foundation based in standard curriculum, but extends past the basics and gives students an opportunity to dictate the direction of their education. Only then can a child find and reach their full potential as a life-long learner.

Along with this philosophy, I believe that there are three important aspects teachers must focus on to be successful as an educator and to be successful at fostering the success of the student: 1) the teacher is a guide, not the dictator, 2) students should have some autonomy in their educational journey, and 3) while almost everything in the world could be an argument, there are some things thing are specifically true (respect all people and all living things).

The teacher should accept and encourage their students questioning them. Letting adolescents find answers is much more effective than telling them the answer up-front. I enjoy the long pause that sets the students on edge until someone has to guess the answer just to stop the silence. It subtly teaches them that eventually if they want something done they are going to have to be the ones who take initiative. A lot of life’s many “hoops” that we face simply require us to take action, not perform the impossible.

No teacher can completely identify with a student, because their lives are complex. Students have interests and needs that we as teachers cannot always recognize. For this reason, it is important to try and instill some self-governance to their education. I cannot do all of the work. They must be willing to put forth some of the effort.

Students need to learn that we must respect all living things and all different types of people. I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, even if they do not like someone that does not mean they have the right to be disrespectful of them, especially in the classroom. Students must feel safe and welcome in order to take chances, and taking chances in a safe environment is the best way for them to learn on their own.