Classroom Procedures

Classroom Procedures 

Students will be required to maintain characteristics that display the classroom expectations. If these Students carry out these requirements they will be rewarded both individually as well as a unit. I will be contacting parents via email to maintain communication to share how your student is doing in the class. I will rotate 3 or 4 students a week to email the parent with updates. 

Check Registers

Each student will have a check register which will be carried by that student. The student is responsible for keeping track of his or her register. This register is not to leave the school building. The students will earn money throughout the year accordingly and will be able to use that money to buy different objects at the student store which will be held once a month. Also they can purchase different classroom rewards such as "Skip An Assignment", "Homework Pass" etc. Student behavior will be recorded in this register as well. Each amount credited or debited to the register will be accounted for. This way parents, teachers and administration can be aware of previous behavior if necessary. 

Rewards And Consequences
1. Students will be paid $30 a week for attendance
2. Students will be awarded for good behavior (the amount rewarded will be determined by teacher or administrator rewarding the student)
3. Students will loose money as a consequence not following classroom expectations.(the amount deducted will be determined by teacher or administrator involved)
4. Students will be deducted $10 for late assignments and homework for the 1st 9 weeks. The amount will increase each 9 weeks by $10. Eample: 2nd Nine Weeks $20 loss
5. Students will be deducted $10 for lost assignments for the 1st 9 weeks and will increase by $10 each 9 weeks after that.   

Mystery Motivator

The students will compete against me throughout the day. If, as a class, they are following instruction, maintaining classroom expectations and are all on task they will receive a point on the board. I will earn a point if the students are not following instructions and those things previously listed. If the students end the day with more points then I have they win. They will receive a letter that will spell Mystery Motivator. Once they have spelled both words Mystery and Motivator they will vote on a party for the class. If they loose that day, no consequences are administered for the first offense other then the fact they do not get a letter. A second offense for loosing will result in writing a letter to the teacher apologizing for their behavior. A third offense for loosing will result in writing a letter of apology to the teacher as well as a visit from the principal. A fourth offense will result in parent contact, a letter of apology to the teacher and a visit from the principal.