Book Report Options

Mrs. Doebele’s Book Report Projects for 5thand 6th grades

All books must be of appropriate difficulty for your grade level and reading abilities.  Do not expect an A for books that are well-below your ability.  If you have questions about the difficulty of a book-ASK ME.


  1. You may choose ONE option twice, but you may not repeat the option twice in a row.
  2. You MUST do at least one oral report (book box, mobile or PowerPoint)
  3. Don’t use a book you’ve used in another year for your report.Select one that is new and appealing to you.

OPTION #1-Book Diorama-(Oral Report)

Inside a shoebox (or another kind of box) create a 3-D scene of your favorite part of the book.  You can use whatever you would like to create the scene (it will be returned to you).  On the outside of the box, explain what is happening in your scene, how it relates to the overall story, and why it is your favorite part of the book.  Be sure to include the title of the book and the author’s name.  See rubric for grading purposes. 


OPTION #2-Book Box Report (Oral report)

This is an oral book report given for the class.  You will write specific information on each side of your box, as described below.  You will then present your book to the class using your box to help you discuss it.  Make it a presentation; don’t just read your box.  I will collect your box after your presentation and will grade it along with your oral presentation. (Shoe boxes work great for this report)

Side one—Title of book and author’s name

                     List other works by this author (Remember punctuation)


Side two—Who is your favorite character and why?

                     Who is your least favorite character and why?


Side three—Plot—what happens in the book?


Side four—Describe the setting.  Was it a good setting choice? Did it help to set the mood and theme     

      of the story? Why or why not?


Side five—What was the author’s message, the moral of the story?  WHY did he/she write this book?

     What point is he/she trying to make?


Side six—What did you like most about the story? What could be improved to make it an even better




OPTION #3-Crossword Puzzle Book Report

Create a crossword puzzle containing at least 20 characters, setting, or events from the novel.  Clues should tell me about the characters and plot of the story.  Include both an empty grid and an answer grid. 

You may (but do not need to) use one of the following websites to create your puzzle: or​​

OPTION # 4—Mobile Book Report (Oral Report)

Show your understanding of important people, events, and objects in your book by making a mobile.  You will demonstrate your knowledge of the book by identifying the importance of the objects on your mobile and relating them to your book.


  1. Mobile structure on which objects will be hung.(a hanger works great!)

    Title and Author of the book must be displayed clearly

  2. At least 8 objects that represent people, events, or objects in your book. (use yarn to hang your objects)
  3. On a card attached above, below, or to each object, tell the importance of the object as it relates to the book.
  4. Write a plot summary and your opinion of the book—no less than ½ page double spaced (if typed) or 1 page hand written neatly.


OPTION # 5—A 5-7 page picture book (ONLY for 5th grades!!!)

Show your understanding of the most important parts of the story.  Most important parts of the story may include:

  1. Main characters in your book
  2. Plot-what happens in the story-include-exposition (beginning of story-what is the problem in the book), rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution (ending of story-how was the problem solved) all fall within the plot.
  3. Author’s message or purpose-why did the author write this story?
  4. Setting-where did the story take place?
  5. What did you like best about this story or what did you not like?
  6. How could the author make this book better?

You may use construction paper for this project.  Folding it accordion style or stapling papers together will give you your picture book.


Option #6-Poster

Create an advertisement of your book. You may use any size poster board with the smallest size being an 8 ½ x 10 sheet of poster board.  On your poster you may include the main characters (pictures) and a description of your story.  Think about what you see on a movie advertisement at the movie theater, this is what you want to include.  Draw the crowd into your book by showing the most important parts of the story. 

You will also need to do a short write up of your book.  Make sure to include the main events of your story including: main characters, plot, setting, conflicts, theme/mood, author’s purpose and message.  Make sure you answer the six questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How?



Option #7-PowerPoint Presentation-Oral

Create a PowerPoint Presentation over your book and present it to the class.  Presentation must include at least 10 slides covering the following aspects of the book (not necessarily in this order):


Author’s Name

Other Works by Author

Basic Plot

Favorite Character and WHY-provide text evidence

Least Favorite Character and WHY-provide text evidence



Symbolism-were there any symbols the author used in the book?

Author’s Message

Favorite Part of the Book and WHY


Slides should include KEY WORDS ONLY, not complete sentences.  Presentation should incorporate different slide layouts, different transitions, pictures, and moving text.  You will need to save a copy of your presentation to your “I” drive at school or on a flashdrive.  Be sure to check spelling and any necessary punctuation, as they will be counted for your final grade. 



Each student will get one day in class per nine weeks to work on their book reports.  Other than that, the projects will be completed at home.  I strongly urge you NOT to wait until the very last moment to read your book and do your report.  You may work on your report at any time during the nine weeks. 


*****There are many different types of book genres that your child may choose from to read during the school year.  With this, I am also going to require that each student choose a different genre to read from each nine weeks.  I want to make sure that each student is reading a different type of book and not the same type over and over.  This allows them to explore their understanding of different types of books and gain more knowledge of those books. 


1st quarter book report—Realistic Fiction

2nd quarter book report—Mystery

3rd quarter book report—Student’s Choice (Don’t forget about AR points!)))

4th quarter book report—Fantasy



**Grading forms for each book report are attached.  These are the following due dates for each nine weeks:

1st Nine Weeks: Friday, October 7, 2016   
2nd Nine Weeks: Monday, December 12, 2016 ​         
3rd Nine Weeks: Monday, February 27, 2017

​4th Nine Weeks: Friday, May 5, 2017