Classroom Rules and Rewards

Discipline Plan for Mrs. Doebele’s classroom

Classroom Rules…

  1. Follow directions the FIRST time they are given.
  2. Respect others at ALL times.
  3. Allow the teacher to teach and others to learn and participate.
  4. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  5. Be prepared at all times.

 If you break a rule…(Class Dojo consequences)

 Level One: If you lose 4 Dojo points, you will need to stay in from recess and fill in a "Think Sheet."

Level Two: If you lose 7 Dojo points, you will move by the teacher and will make a call home to your parents.

Level Three: If you lose 10 Dojo points, you will be referred to the principal and could possibly stay after school for 30 minutes.


***The consequences will start over each day. Just remember that this will affect your overall Class Dojo POSITIVE points, which at the end of the month you can cash in for prizes and/or rewards.  Starting over daily with those negative points allow the student to have a chance to make better choices with following the classroom rules and procedures.


Individual Rewards
Each student has to opportunity to earn Dojo points daily.  These positive points add up until the end of the month, the students are then able to redeem their points for prizes and/or rewards.  Each week, the student(s) with the highest Dojo points from the week before will be the DOJO leader of the week. 

There is also a Class Dojo Points Club.  The levels for the points club are: 100, 200, 300, 400, 500.  Once a student has made a level, a certificate will be give and a GOOD NOTE home will be sent to parents.  Students should feel proud about their good, positive behavior at school, and should share their accomplishment with their parents and family.

Class Rewards
Using the Dojo meter, the class will track WHOLE CLASS behavior.  If the entire class earns 90% daily, a section on the meter will be colored in.  Once all 24 sections are colored in, the class will earn a selected reward.  Possibilities could be: Popcorn party, pajama party, Character day, movie party, electronics party, Extra recess, board game day, Ice Cream sundae party).