School Supply List

12-#2 pencils (mechanical is fine as long as you bring extra lead)


Ink pens (blue and red!!!-need for grading)

Bar Eraser

2 LARGE boxes of Kleenex

4 pkg. of

3X5 index cards


Index card box


Wide-Lined notebook paper (looseleaf)

5-plain colored pocket folders (preferably ones that are hole-punched already)

Gym shoes


10 oz. bottle of hand sanitizer

School box for supplies

3 different colored highlighters (pink, yellow, blue)

5-one subject Wide-Lined notebooks


3-ring binder/trapper keeper with zipper. Heavy Duty!!

1 in. plastic (flimsy) 3-ring binder for math

1 container of Lysol or Clorox wipes

2-Elmer glue sticks




Ruler (in & cm)

 Sharpie Markers
One black and the other another color