Teaching Philosophy

Gold Star.pngMy Teaching Philosophy Gold Star.png

            In my classroom, I believe it is crucial for my students to become active learners and construct their own knowledge.  By doing this, my students will be involved in many hands-on learning activities in the classroom and I will help facilitate their learning by guiding them through questioning.  Students will be motivated through relevant experiences which build on their prior knowledge.  Through problem solving and inquiry learning, my students will be able to make connections with the information in a way that they can apply their learning in new situations.

            In my classroom, students will each be a positive role model as a contributing member to the learning community.  I can display these traits as a life long learner.  I will communicate to the students, clear and high expectations for learning.  This communication will build positive relationships with my parents, as well as colleagues in the building.

            My role as an educator is to continue to grow professionally.  I will continue to develop research based practices which will meet the needs of each individual learner in my classroom.   With my area of specialization in Special Education, I will continue to strive to meet the needs of my students in the special education classroom setting, along with those students whom are in the regular classroom setting by focusing in on strategies, interventions, and techniques that will positively benefit the student’s learning.