7-12 Grading System

“Time on Task Grades”

• Each student can earn up to 100 points per week which breaks down to 20 points per day.
• Students can earn their 20 points per day by remaining on task the entire class period. This includes getting art work out as soon as you get to class, not cleaning up too early and keeping talking to a minimum.
• Grades will be posted online each and every Friday.
• Students can go online to see their grades or simply ask the teacher.
• By the end of a 9 week quarter each student will have nine “time on task” grades plus your art project grades which will be graded by following guidelines.

“Art Project Grades”

• Each art project will be assigned a single score with a maximum of 100 points possible. Your score will reflect the quality of the work. Is the work neatly done, are there any smears, is the paper torn or wrinkled, etc. These grades combined with the above “time on task” grades will determine your final grade for a 9 week period.
• Student grades will by assigned using the following criteria:

A = 91% - 100%
B = 82% - 90%
C = 73% - 81%
D = 64% - 72%