6th Grade Reading Syllabus

Course Description: This course is designed to teach comprehension skills, reading strategies, vocabulary and spelling.

Learning Goals: This course is designed to meet Kansas state standards for 6th grade reading. These standards can be found at www.ksde.org

Learning Outcome: Students will demonstrate mastery of Kansas state standards using formal and informal assessments culminating in the Kansas state reading assessment.

Amount of material covered is subject to change, based on the abilities of the students in the class and calendar activities.

-Reading Street Level 6
-SRA  reading kit
-Reading skill boxes
-CARS(assesses student’s reading strengths and weaknesses)
-STARS(provides practice for student’s weak areas of reading)
-KCA formative tests(state assessment practice tests)
-Study Island(computer program that teaches and enforces state standards)
-ACE(Assessment Conditioning Exercises)

-Abel’s Island
-The Egypt Game
-Old Yeller
-Bridge to Terabithia
-Number the Stars

-Novel Units- Students will read novels and do activities that allow practice of the standards that are tested on the state assessment.

-Reading Strategies-Students will do assignments out of the STAR reading workbook and skills boxes that allow them to practice reading skills and strategies.

-Accelerated Reader-All students will earn 10 AR points which will be a part of their final grade for the grading period. Each point will count as 10 percentage points. Students will be allowed class time to read but reading at home is also an important part of this requirement.

-Vocabulary- Various vocabulary activities will be conducted through out the year.