Classroom Guidelines

1. Be respectful. Respect yourself, others and school property.

     Take care of school issued belongings. No swearing. Keep hands and feet to yourself. Do not "borrow" things without permission.

2. No put-downs.

    Treat others like you want to be treated.

3. Come to class prepared.

    Have all materials here at school. Have assignments completed on time.  Late work will be a zero.

     Make up work is your responsibility. You will have a reasonable amount of time to complete this work depending on how many days you were absent.

4. Follow directions.


100-91   A

90-82     B

81-73     C

72-64     D

63-0       F

You can check your child's grade online. I will post grades weekly so that information in the grade book is as accurate as possible. I will also send grades home in the planner every couple of weeks to keep you informed.

    Your student will be given a planner to fill out their daily assignments.  Please check and sign the planner every night, and make sure that homework is completed. 

    All assignment will be graded and returned to students. I will try to have daily work graded and returned to the student within one day after turning in the assignment. Larger projects and essays will of course take longer to grade and return.