4th Grade English Syllabus

Class Name: 4th Grade English
Teacher: Cindy Geer
Email: cgeer@usd223.org
Phone: 1-785-348-5531

Class Description:
We use the World of Language textbook. Also educational internet websites are used as supplemental resources, when completing a writing assignment.

Learning Goal: This class is designed to allow students to meet the Kansas state standards for writing.

Learning Outcomes: The student will demonstrate organizing written material, ideas and content, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions such as spelling, punctuation and grammar usage.

Instructional Units:

Unit 1
• Language Awareness – Sentences
• Parts of a sentence (subject and predicate)
• Vocabulary: Using a Thesaurus
• Writing a Personal Narrative

Unit 2
• Language Awareness – Nouns
• Nouns: Singular, Plural, Common, Proper, Possessive
• Vocabulary: Compounds
• Writing a Persuasive Argument

Unit 3
• Language Awareness - Pronouns
• Pronouns: Subject, Object, and Possessive
• Using  I, Me, We, and Us
• Vocabulary: Homophones
• Writing a Poem

Unit 4
• Language Awareness – Verbs
• Verbs: Linking, Main, and Helping
• Tenses of Verbs
• Vocabulary: Prefixes
• Writing as How- To Article

Unit 5
• Language Awareness – Verbs
• Irregular Verbs
• Contractions with verbs and  not
• Vocabulary: Context Clues
• Writing a Biography

Unit 6
• Language Awareness- Adjectives
• Using A, An, and The
• Using more and most with adjectives
• Vocabulary: Suffixes
• Writing a Description

Unit 7
• Language Awareness – Adverbs
• Adverbs that tell Where and When
• Adverbs that compare
• Vocabulary: Synonyms and Antonyms
• Writing a Fable

Unit 8
• Language Awareness – Sentences
• Simple and Compound Subjects
• Simples and Compound Predicates
• Vocabulary: Homographs
• Writing an Article that Contrasts

** Due to the nature of the class and the individual level of student mastery involved, it is important to understand that there is a possibility of changes that may occur throughout the school year.

Grading Scale:

100% - 90% A
89% - 80% B
79% - 70% C
69% - 60% D
59% and Below F

Make-Up Work:

If an absence is excused the student will be allowed to complete the assignment without penalty in a reasonable amount of time based upon teacher discrepancy. If an absence is unexcused the student is still responsible for completing the assignment, but will be given a zero.

Homework Procedure:

Homework is given daily.  There are test that are given after each unit is completed. The writing assignments are grade on the six traits of writing. If an assignment is turned in late, the student is docked 20 percentage points after the assignment is graded and scored. Example: A late assignment is turned in and graded, if the student receives a 90% on the assignment, I will dock 20 percentage points and the final grade for that assignment will be a 70%.