Accelerated Reader



Seventh and Eighth Grades:

                             15 points = A                          7 points = C

                             10 points = B                          5 points = D

Freshmen and Sophomores:

                             20 points = A                          10 points = C

                             15 points = B                            7 points = D

Juniors and Seniors:

                             25 points = A                          15 points = C

                             20 points = B                          10 points = D


*A student must choose a book appropriate for his or her reading level and pass the multiple-choice test to earn credit or points for books.

*Points cannot be earned for books read as a class assignment unless given teacher permission.  (Examples include Of Mice and Men and The Crucible.)

*Book test results are worth 100 points each nine-week period.

*Book points will also be used to earn “rewards” throughout the school year