Class Standards and Rules





             *You can expect me to conduct class each day and be prepared for lecture, discussion, or project work.

                *I will treat you and your classmates with respect.

                *I will help you before school, after school, or during lunch when you need help.  I will always make  time to help you with your studies (other subjects) or just to listen.

                *I will always try to return tests and project work to you the next day unless an emergency arises.  Exempt from this are major projects and term papers.  Remember that you handed in ONE assignment.  I have to grade more than one.


                *I expect you to be in class on time.  On time means IN YOUR SEAT when the second bell rings, not one foot in the door, seated on the heater or any other place not designated your area.  Tardies without a pass will be handled according to the school’s tardy policy.

                *When the teacher or another student is speaking, your eyes and attention should be on that person.  Actively participate in class discussions by talking and LISTENING.  When another student, teacher, Ms. Root, etc., comes to class to talk to me or another student, the class is to remain quiet.  This is not your cue to talk.

                *Work quietly on tasks without disturbing others.  Show respect, courtesy, and consideration for each other.  Remain in your seat until lecture, discussion, activity, or work is completed.  Then materials may be returned, handed in, or thrown away.

                *You will be honest.  If you screw up, let me know.  If something breaks, you hurt someone’s feelings, or otherwise caused a “mess,” let me know right away.  I’ll help if I can.

                *You will bring your planner, books, writing utensils (no red pens), notebooks, etc. to class unless I tell you not to bring them.  (You will know what you need once a class routine is established.  You can also check the board for assignments.)  ALWAYS bring your library book so you may read when you are finished with your assignments.

                *You will hand in your homework and project work on time.  Work is due at the BEGINNING of class, unless other arrangements have been made.  Often work is due before “Journal Time” begins.  Any work handed in after this time will be considered LATE.  If homework is in an UNACCEPTABLE form--no heading on the paper, messy, etc.--it will be counted as LATE, also.  If you have a legitimate excuse for homework being late, speak with me BEFORE SCHOOLAll late work will receive a zero.  The board will remind you what work is due, and I may remind you, but the responsibility to turn in work due is YOURS.

                *No pop or food in the room unless we as a class have made other arrangements.

                *Do not work on other class assignments unless your English work is completed first, or you have     been given teacher permission.

                *Cheating results in a zero.  If there is any question about your honesty, you will be given a zero.  The person who allowed his or her work to be copied will also receive a zero.


Many of these expectations will affect your class participation and effort points available each week.  For example, you will earn points for turning in homework on time and will lose points for tardies to class, etc.  Like an umpire, I will “call it as I see it.”  Thus, possibly you may have points deducted when you should not have, and you may NOT have points deducted when you should have.

YOUR BEHAVIOR AND CLASS WORK IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.  Those who give the course GENUINE effort will be rewarded grade wise and life wise.