English II Syllabus


      Elements of Writing:  Fourth Course

      Adventures in Appreciation


      Lord of the Flies


       Writing and grammar development will be the main focus of the text Elements of Writing.  The text and assignments will facilitate the writing process and improve grammar usage.


       The literature book will be utilized for reading skills practice.  The anthology is organized according to story elements and genres.  Additionally, sophomores will read the Shakespearean play Julius Caesar which is included in the literature book.  If time allows, the novel Lord of the Flies will be studied.


        The first 5-7 minutes of some days will be devoted to journal writing.  No one will read your journal, not even me.  (An exception to this will be topics I specifically assign and sample entries that you will hand in for a grade.)  You must stay on task for the entire time when journals are distributed.  Points will be deducted from your PARTICIPATION AND EFFORT POINTS on the days you spend not on task.  Your journal will also be a major nine-weeks grade.  I will give you topics about which to write, but generally, you will choose your own topics.  You will also use your journal as a collection for possible future writing assignments.  (A separate notebook will not be needed.)


        Units each week from Vocabulary Workshop:  Fourth Course will be used for vocabulary study and tests.  Grades will be taken on tests and worksheets.  Vocabulary tests will be on Tuesdays, and vocabulary sheets will be due on Fridays.


        Roughly every two weeks you will have a “reading day” to keep up with your book reading assigned.  Do not bring a magazine.  It is a good idea to bring your reading book to class every day.  If you have extra time in class, you need to read your book.  (Passing an Accelerated Reader test is required to earn credit for a book read.)


         The book you choose must be from the Accelerated Reader list, or you will not receive any credit for the book.  Of course, you must pass the computer test to earn any points toward a grade for book tests.  Accelerated Reader books are labeled for identification in the library.  (You may test in either the library or in my room.)


         Papers will be written throughout the year, often focusing on the literature assignments. 


         Study Island will be utilized to prepare students for the state assessments.


         Extra credit is occasionally available on different class assignments.  Two points of extra credit are also given on any assignment which is typed but was not required to be typed.  Finally, one-half point extra credit is given for finding vocabulary words.  This entails spelling the word correctly, explaining where the word was spotted or heard, and writing out the word’s definition.  (Take advantage!  I do not give extra credit to “save” your grade.)