Grading Scale and Policies


                                                                90-100%    A    

                                                                80-89%      B

                                                                70-79%      C 

                                                                60-69%      D

                                                                  0-59%      F    

You will earn points for work completed.  Different assignments will be worth different total points.  For example:

  • Class participation and effort is worth 20 points a week.  (This could mean the difference in a grade.)
  • Daily work and quizzes, both announced and unannounced, are worth about 10-20 points.
  • Projects and one-page papers are worth 50-100 points.
  • Major projects and tests are worth 100 points or more.
  • Accelerated Reader test results are worth 100 points each nine-week period.
  • Major papers will be worth 200-300 points.

    Remember, your grade is based on points you earn, not on the percentages marked on your work.  I will always try and let you know how much any assignment is worth before it is handed in.  Each Monday I usually give you a printout of your class grade.

    You will hand in your homework and project work on time.  Work is due at the BEGINNING of class, unless other arrangements have been made.   Any work handed in after this time will be considered LATE.  If homework is in an UNACCEPTABLE form--no heading on the paper, messy, etc.--it will be counted as LATE, also.  If you have a legitimate excuse for homework being late, speak with me BEFORE SCHOOLAll late work will receive a ZERO.  The board will remind you what work is due, and I may remind you, but the responsibility to turn in work due is YOURS.

    Cheating results in a zero.  If there is any question about your honesty, you will be given a zero.  The person who allowed his or her work to be copied will also receive a zero.


    I may not grade the daily work all of the time, but I usually do.

    Quizzes over literature are given ninety-five percent of the time you have a reading assignment.  The questions are generally about plot happenings. . . not interpretation, unless the topic was discussed the previous day.  Quizzes during grammar and composition units are much less likely but possible.  Some quizzes will be announced, and others will be unannounced.  Vocabulary and spelling tests will be given on Tuesdays.  When you finish your vocabulary or spelling test, you will be expected to work on your new vocabulary sheets or spelling lesson.

    I tend to lean toward essay tests, but I will try to give a variety of questions.  Essays are a more accurate determiner of what you really know in the area of English.  They are harder and more timely to grade, but worth the effort.  Quizzes may be any of the following or any combination of the following:  essay, multiple-choice, true/false, matching, fill in the blank, and/or short answer.  A crossword puzzle may even count as a quiz.