Class Rules

Mrs. Beier

Classroom Rules and Procedures


Classroom Rules

Come to class on time

Be Prepared

Do Assignments

Respect yourself and others

Follow directions




Extra Assignment

Owe me all or part of your recess

Call Parent

Send to principal


Whole class consequence:  FOCUS


Before the bell rings

Enter the classroom in an orderly manner, bringing all needed supplies with you.  Sharpen your pencil if needed, turn in homework in appropriate tray and have a quiet seat at your desk.


After the bell rings

I will take attendance while you are sitting at your desks.  Fill out your planners with the daily lesson. 


Work Format

All assignments will need to have your name and the lesson written at the top of the page.  Any work not turned in with this format will automatically receive a 1 point deduction.


Classroom Activities

Listening to lectures

Participating in discussions

Working on computers and iPads

Taking tests and quizzes

Working independently

Working in groups


Expected behaviors during activities:


Listening to lectures:  Students should quietly take notes.  They should raise their hands to ask questions that pertain to subject material and wait patiently to be called on.


Participating in discussions:  I expect all students to participate in class discussions, by asking or answering questions or making general comments.


Working on Computers and iPads:  Enter the lab quietly and appropriately.  Go to a computer and sit down and wait for directions.  If there are not enough computers or iPads students will pair up and share.


Taking Tests:  Tests will be and individual activity.  Students will not be allowed to use notes or textbooks unless previously indicated   by the teacher.  No talking or getting out of your seat will be permitted.  If caught cheating you will receive a zero.

Quizzes will also be given.  They have the same rules as tests except all quizzes will not be announced.


Working independently:  Work in a quiet fashion doing all assigned work.  Raise your hand if you have questions or need help,  I will come to you.


Working in Groups:  Work as a team to complete assignments.  Talk things over as a group and make group decisions.  All group members should play an active role.  NO DEAD WEIGHT ALLOWED.



Daily work, group work, quizzes and tests will all be graded on a point system.  The school grading scale will be used.  I do offer extra credit at times throughout the 9 weeks.

Grading Scale:

100-91       A

90-82         B

81-73         C

72-64         D

63-below  F


Bathroom Rules

At the end of class I will dismiss you to use the restroom.  If you need to use the restroom before then I will let you go, you will need to ask.  If it is an emergency just go.


Posted Homework

Homework assignments are written on the dry erase board daily. 


Absent Work

If you are absent I will put your assignment on a clip on the side of the filing cabinet.  If you are sick or gone you will need to look there to find your homework.  If the absence is excused the student will be allowed to complete the assignment without penalty.  If the absence is unexcused the student is still responsible for completing the assignment, but will be given a zero.


Late Work Policy

Late work will not be accepted.


Privilege Passes

Each nine weeks students will be given 2 passes that let them turn in an assignment 1 day late without penalty.



On assignments needing to be corrected I will write a C at the top.  During work time I will help students  with corrections. 







I have seen and read a copy of Mrs. Beier’s classroom rules and procedures.



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