Science Syllabus

Course Name:       First Grade Science
Instructor: Ruth Howell
Contact Information:
Call 348-5531 to schedule a conference before or after school

Course Description: We will be using Macmillan/McGraw-Hill A Closer Look
Textbook Level 1, videos, and experiments.  The extension office provides a nutrition unit.  This course introduces the basic science concepts in the areas of science as inquiry, physical science, life science, earth and space science, science and technology, science and personal and environmental perspectives, and the history and nature of science on a first grade level.

Learning/Developmental Goals:
This course is designed to meet the Kansas state standards for 1st
grade science.  Kansas state standards may be found at
Learning Outcome: The student will demonstrate mastery of state standards using
formal and informal assessments along with teacher observation.

All first grade science objectives are met by some of the following instructional units and programs but are not limited to this list.  Amount of material covered is subject to change based on the abilities of students in class and calendar activities for the year.

Instructional Units:

Life Science – Plants
Learning about living things
Parts of plants
Different plants
Flowers, fruits, and seeds
How plants grow and change
Plants live in many places

Life Science – Animals and Their Homes
All kinds of animals
What animals need to live
How animals eat food
Animals grow and change
Land habitats
Water habitats
Plants and animals live together

Earth Science – Our Earth
What earth looks like
Rocks and soil
Changing the land
Earth’s resources
Using earth’s resources
Saving earth’s resources

Earth Science – Weather and Sky
Weather all around us
The water cycle
Spring and summer
Fall and winter
The sky above
Earth moves
Earth’s neighbors

Physical Science – Matter
Describing matter
Liquids and gases
Matter can change
Making mixtures
Heat can change matter

Physical Science – Motion and Energy
Position and motion
Pushes and pulls
Simple machines
Energy and heat

Grading Policy
Daily work is checked and returned until it is corrected.  Percentages are given on

Grading Scale
A     100% - 91%
B       90% - 82%
C       81% - 73%
D       72% - 64%
F        63% -  0%

Make-up Work
Students have 2 days for every day that is missed to complete and return work.

Homework is expected to be done and returned the next school day.