Hanover Attendance Center
209 E. North Street
Hanover, KS 66945

Weight Room Guidelines


SAFETY is always a first consideration. When in doubt, do not do it!

No student(s) will be allowed to lift by him/herself or without an approved adult sponsor.

No students under the seventh grade will be allowed to lift in this weight room.

Students who complete their weightlifting for the morning, afternoon or day are to leave the weight room unless spotting another student. Students who are not a part of the weight lifting program should not be in the weight room.

Alumni who wish to use the weight room MUST check in with Hanover’s Athletic Director, Head Football Coach, or Principal. A check out time must also be given.

Alumni are expected to follow the same guidelines that students do.

Only the school AD, football coach, administrator or janitors may open the weight room or allow a key to be “borrowed.” It is expected that all temporarily “loaned” keys will be promptly returned. They must be signed out in the office so no one “forgets” to return a key.


  1. Absolutely NO HORSEPLAY!
  2. Absolutely NO HARRASSMENT of any kind.
  3. Please put your equipment up when done with it. If not, you will be asked to leave.
  4. Absolutely NO PROFANITY. If you have a problem with this, then do not come in.
  5. The person in charge of the weight room is in charge of the music.
  6. Make sure you follow workout schedule on the board. If you don’t know or understand a certain lift, ask for help. Always use proper form and a spotter.
  7. The weight room group is not a social club. Come with the idea of working hard to make yourself stronger and a better athlete.
  8. Any injuries must be reported immediately to the person in charge and then the administration. As soon as possible after an accident, the person in charge is responsible for completing the accident form and submitting it to the office.
  9. Respect yourself, your peers and our equipment at all times.
  10. The Weight Lifting Room is ONLY for those with CAT PRIDE.