I hope this finds everyone transitioning as well as possible while adjusting to the changes in our normal routines. I want to catch you up on the latest changes and updates on some things that will possibly affect you or your child.

But first, I would like to give appreciation to our staff. There have been a few issues to work through, but as a whole, the amount of work that has been produced at the drop of a hat has been nothing short of impressive. I want to publicly thank them for coming together and working as a cohesive unit in tackling the daunting task that we were faced with. If you have communication with any of our food or maintenance staff, please give them some recognition for the time and effort they have given in a very stressful situation. The entire staff has gone above and beyond through all of this. You have a staff at our schools that you can be proud of.

Meals – For the remainder of the calendar school year, we will not be serving meals on any day that was  a scheduled student day off. Those days are…..

      1. Monday, March 30th

      2. Friday, April 10th

      3. Monday, April 13th

      4. Monday, April 27th 

What our meal plan will look like after that will be determined by the directives in place at that time. We will keep you updated as we go through this.

We have had some issues with meals being picked up that have not been signed up for which has resulted in a shortage on some days. Parents, please, please sign up for any meals that you are going to pick up so that we can get an accurate headcount for next week’s lunch. The link for each site has changed and now includes a daily menu. Please open the new hyperlink for Linn or Hanover if you need to reserve a meal.  Again, please sign up for any meals your child will be taking advantage of!

Next weeks menu will begin on Tuesday with Chicken Sandwich.

Continuous Learning Plan – By now, your child should have their belongings and the means to continue their education through the remainder of the school year. If by now you do not have an internet-capable device in your home or your child has not been contacted by their teacher please contact Mr. Jensen in Hanover at cjensen@usd223.org or Ms. Root in Linn at aroot@usd223.org. If you do not have home internet access and have not been in contact with the classroom teacher, please reach out to either building principal so that alternative educational plans can be made.

Technology  – Mr. Lawrence will be in Linn every Monday and Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m and in Hanover every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. for device replacement or repair. He will be spending the remainder of his time trouble-shooting between the two buildings. Please do not see him without first communicating through email at alawrence@usd223.org If you have an issue outside of those office hours, please contact him at that email address and he will make separate arrangements with you.

Facilities – Beginning tomorrow, we will be banning access to the buildings for anyone not deemed as Essential Personnel or without administrative permission to be in the buildings. This will be reassessed every week and I will update you when that changes. If you need into a building, please contact your building administrator and obtain permission first.

Thank you for hanging in there with us through all of this craziness! Please take some time to relax this weekend and enjoy the time with your family.