Juniors & Seniors -  Below are the steps if you are wanting to enroll in a college class at Cloud County.

STEP 1: Apply for Admission ASAP. If you haven't taken a class at Cloud County Community College, you need to "APPLY FOR ADMISSION"  here  https://icloud.cloud.edu/ICS/Admissions/Admissions.jnz?portlet=EX_FormFlow_-_Forms&screen=FormView&screenType=change&form=59c0c821-10cb-40a6-b0a7-32a7a7e46826  . You must APPLY FOR ADMISSION. After that, it will take a few days for CCCC to set you up and allow you to enroll. You will need your SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER to apply.

STEP 2: Enroll in your classes. School at CCCC also starts on AUGUST 19.
VERY IMPORTANT if you are taking an online course through CCCC, when searching--use "CAMPUS:Outreach-Off Campus" and "BUILDING: To Be Announced". This will give you options for the HIGH SCHOOL students courses that INSTRUCTORS know and understand that you are a high school student taking a college credit online course. CCCC wants to group all high school students together for the following courses. The course codes end in "HI I". However, if you are taking Mrs. Friedrich's English Composition I, you need to search for her under the FACULTY.



Mrs. Friedrichs teaches English Composition for dual credit at LINN HIGH SCHOOL.


STEP 3: Pay for your classes.

After enrolling, wait a couple of days for an invoice to appear in your CCCC account.

STEP 4: Watch the CANVAS video.

You will use CANVAS for all your online courses through CCCC.

If you need some help with applying for admission, logging into your account, enrolling, paying, etc. I'm willing to help you with CCCC or other colleges if needed. 
Thanks! Mrs. Dague