Parents –

As we begin school on the 19th, there are a few housekeeping items that I want to communicate with you.

1.       Students will not be allowed in the building before 7:40 am.  We will be conducting temperature checks as students arrive, and we will not have anyone available to conduct this check until 7:40 am.  As they come into the building they will need to enter by the main door ONLY, have their temperature taken and then proceed to the gym.  We will have students spread out in the gym until 8:10 am. If they need to go to breakfast, they need to go to the gym first, leave all their items and then proceed to the cafeteria.  Breakfast this year will be from 7:45 am until 8:10 am.  Breakfast will not be served after 8:10 am.

2.       All students, teachers and staff will need to enter through the front main door.  As mentioned above this will allow us to efficiently check temperatures as students come to school.  

3.  Construction on the new gym will start in the near future, as a result, there will be no parking for students around the back of the school or in between the school and ag shop.  This will take them a little more time to get into the building, so they will need to plan accordingly. 

4.       When you come to pick up your student for an appointment, you will need to come into the office, and fill out a visitor form.  You will also need to have your temperature taken and wear a mask.  If you prefer, you can stay in your car, and call the school – 785-348-5531.  We are doing our best to limit the number of visitors in the building during the school day.

5.       If you are picking up a student after school, please do not park by the school.  We ask that you join the pick up line behind the buses.  This will allow us to control the release of students.  I understand that this will take a little longer to pick up students, but it will allow us to be more organized and control this process more efficiently.

6.       Masks will be required for all students to wear during the school day.  Teachers are working on seating arrangements and times when students can social distance so they will be able to take off their mask. Students will not have to wear masks during PE or recess.  The requirement of wearing masks, will be reviewed by the Board of Education on a regular basis.  Parents are asked to provide a mask for their students.  If you are unable to secure a mask, please let Tim Mueller or Ms. Root know.

7.       Cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer will be available in the classroom.  Teachers have a plan to allow students to use hand sanitizer on a regular basis.  Desks and other surfaces will be cleaned on a regular basis.

8.  Ohlde Family Farms and TO Ranch have generously donated water bottles and break away lanyards for each student.  Students will be allowed to use the bottle fillers so that they can have water at their desk or during lunch.

9.       In reference to lunches, students are more than welcome to bring their own lunch if they desire.  We are asking that parents do not deliver food to their student(s) for lunch. 

I know that as we navigate through this time of the unknown, there will be many decisions that need to be made and situations that arise that we are not expecting.   I appreciate your understanding and patience as we make the best decisions possible for students.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call and talk with me at school or send me an email.

Antoinette Root

K-12 Principal