Dental Screening

USD 223 is so excited to announce that we are working in fellowship with KONZA Prairie Community Health Center in Junction City and Manhattan Kansas to provide dental screenings to all students in Linn and Hanover Schools.  They offer outreach dental services at our schools. If you have insurance please write the information on the form, if your insurance doesn't cover or you don't have insurance there will be NO cost at all.   

A dental hygienist will look at your children's teeth and provide a form that we will send home to you regarding the results of the screen.  You may choose to have Fluoride applied to their teeth as well.  We are going to be providing this service to all students from preschool through seniors in high school in Linn, Kansas on December 10th starting at 8:45 and then will be in Hanover around 11:00.  The screenings take about 30 seconds to perform.  Jeri our School nurse will be sending out forms explaining what this involves and you will need to return the forms with your signature that will allow them to be screened.  

It is your option to have them screened.  If you choose to not have this performed on your child, please email or call Jeri by December 8th.  

The forms will be sent out on Friday the 3rd of December and have to be returned by December 6th.  Your child can give the form to their teacher or drop them at the front office.  If you have any questions please call Jeri or email her at