USD 223 is looking to hire summer maintenance help. Individuals must be 18 years old and hold a valid driver’s license. This position will start May 23, 2022 and end August 12, 2022. 40 hours per week. $10 per hour. In the course of this job, applicants must be able to:

Lift 40lbs above your head.

Work effectively in high places to include; Ladders, Scaffolding, and rooves.

Able to work in uncomfortable environments such as dusty, moldy, confined and hot


At times work unsupervised while completing agreed upon goals.

Run various equipment.

No allergies to paints, solvents, or cleaning solution.

Applications will be taken until April 15, 2022. A meeting with applicants will be conducted on April 18, 2022, for interviews and detailing summer projects/ objectives and expectations.

For Questions please contact Tim Mueller at (c) 7895-747-6956 or email