Just a reminder that Konza Prarie Dental Hygienists will be here Next Thursday the 6th of October to perform dental screenings and Fluoride treatments.  If you choose to not have the treatments/screenings performed please say NO on the letter and PLEASE put your child's name on the form, I have received several with NO on them but noone can read the signatures, so please put your child/children's name on the form.  If we don't get a form back they will perform the dental screening and I will send out the findings the following week.  If you want your child/children to have the fluoride treatment, they will need the form filled out.  I need these forms at the latest on 10/3.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me at jtegtmeier@usd223.org or call the school and ask for me.  Jeri Tegtmeier, RN (School Nurse)