I am finally getting an moment to sit down and write. My intentions this year are to submit an article once or twice per month and update on what’s going on within the district or across the state with matters that are pertinent to us as a district. This time around, I am introducing new staff members and would like to welcome students and families back to another school year.

It has been a crazy summer full of unanticipated surprises and this fall will undoubtedly be no less hectic. However, I am excited to get started again and am enjoying being involved with the students and their activities. This is my 22nd year in education and I still get excited with each new year in anticipation of meeting the new challenges and enjoying the successes that each brings.

There are a lot of new faces this year and I am excited to have them with us moving forward.

In Hanover, Cory Jensen is the new building administrator. Karma Hageman moved from the Linn building and is now teaching Science in Hanover full-time. Colby Cormack has returned to Hanover and will be teaching Social Science classes. Patrick Damman is the new Vo-Ag instructor and comes with a diverse background in agriculture education. Amy Wiltse joins our staff from the Denver area and is our new 3rd and 4th grade teacher. Chase Brazzle will be teaching Art and brings a wide and diverse area of expertise with him. Lisa Diederich has joined the staff in the kitchen. Antone Scoville has been hired as the Head of Maintenance/Custodial.

In Linn, Deserie Olguin is the new Science Teacher replacing Mrs. Hageman. Janie Rottinghaus joins the elementary teaching staff after recently graduating from K-State. Trevor Kuhlman is our new Social Science teacher and will be our high-school girls head basketball coach. Sharon Huband joins the staff as the new elementary Special Education teacher. Brandy McCubbin and Lindsey Herr will work with her as Special Education Para-Professionals. Denise McVaugh has transferred within the district and is now part of the custodial/maintenance staff and will continue driving a bus route for us. Mandi Nikkel has joined the staff as our At-Risk para and teachers aide. Diana Powell is the new head cook in Linn. Carmen Sanchez and Amy Molnar also join us in the kitchen staff.

At the Barnes Pre-School, Jenny Joonas has taken over as the new lead teacher after many years as a para-professional. Hannah Voelker and Melissa Diederich are the two new para-professionals in that building.

I know most of you are curious as to the status of the Linn facility. It is still not at 100% but we are getting closer on a daily basis. More detail will be given in following articles addressing what has been accomplished and what is yet to be completed. However, I would be remiss in not thanking the Linn community, community members, area contractors, staff members and students for their help in coming back from the storm(s) and getting that facility up and running before school started. I have never been as impressed with a community or group of people than I have been this summer.