USD 223 Community,

As you all may have heard, we have a shortage of bus route drivers.  Currently we lack licensed bus drivers in both Hanover and Linn.  Hanover will have Daniel Meyer drive Mary’s route with a few more stops.  We will have two van routes in place of Harvey’s route.  Coach Lohse will drive the Barnes route, but we are at a loss for a consistent driver Southwest and West of Hanover, therefore it will be paid out.

Linn will have Larry and Claire (for Denise) driving their routes.  Jim’s route will be split between two van routes; Jalee Wohler will be driving the Jade road to Indian road South route and the other half of the route does not have a driver and will be paid out.  Drivers will reach out to the parents this week to coordinate times for pick up with the parents.

The preschool routes will run fairly consistent.  Larry, Melvin and Phillip are ready and have fairly solid routes.  All Drivers will reach out to the parents this week to coordinate times for pick up with the parents.

Because of the van routes, we are completely full and cannot accept additional riders.  If a route has to cease due to sickness or other duties, that route will be discontinued for the rest of the semester and the District will pay the parents to drive their own children to and from school.  If parents decide to drive their own children to school and a route service is provided, then the district is not obligated to pay the parents to drive.  Those families who are denied service because lack of drivers and seats will be informed and paid 35 cents a mile to drive their children to and from school.

We came to this decision as fairly as we could.  We started planning the routes using the 2019-2020 bus rider roster, however by switching to vans, it severely reduced the number of students that we can take.  Additionally, if strict social distancing measures are put upon us, routes will discontinue because the district cannot support the additional routes it would require to transport the students.

Measures will be taken to protect your student(s) and the drivers.  Students will have their temperatures taken before they get on the bus or van; however, we highly recommend that you take the temperature of your child before putting them on the bus or van.  This will alleviate the driver from having to deal with a child with a temperature.  By CDC and KDHE standard, 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit is considered feverish and children/ parents will be asked to keep your children home.  Controlled entry into the school will be utilized to ensure some degree of social distancing.

Please thank the drivers we have and those who have driven your children.  We appreciate your patience and understanding; the safety of your kids and our drivers are the highest priority.  If you have any questions please call me on my cell at 785-747-6956.

                                                                                                Tim Mueller

                                                                                                Director of Operations