USD 223 Community,

Welcome back to the 2021-2022 School Year.  I am currently working through our transportation shortfalls and have come up with variations to maximize the amount of students we can transport.

As the preschools have split to Linn and Barnes, we have one van and driver for each school.  Phillip will be driving for Hanover’s morning and afternoon classes.  His van is full and I will be contacting the parents in short order to let them know that their student will be riding.  This, again is due to lack of drivers and the current roster of parents that filled out the transportation request.

Melvin will be driving the Barnes, Greenleaf, Palmer and Linn Route.  The morning class will have a considerably long route; 1 hour +/- 10 minutes (this is depending on how fast we can strap them into the car seat).  The afternoon class will have a considerably shorter route.  Melvin’s van is also full and I will be contacting the parents to let them know their student will be riding.

Hanover Bus and van routes will be relatively the same.  Van routes will add a student or two, but not any additional stops.  Daniel’s bus route will add a couple more stops, but they will shouldn’t affect pick up and drop off times too drastically.

Linn K-12 routes will change in order to recoup students who we had to drop from our route roster last year.   Starting with van routes; Lindsey Herrs will be replacing Jaylee on her route, her van will be full for pick up and drop off.  Kolton will be upgraded to a bigger van, which is also full for pick up.  We are going to attempt to place Kolton’s morning route kids with Claire for afternoon drop off.

Brining us to Claire’s route; his morning route will remain the same; i.e. each student will be picked up at their respective house or day care, with the exception of the Palmer Café pick up.  Afternoon route will consist of drop off at St John’s bus stop, drop off at Palmer Café, then drop off Kolton’s students at their perspective houses.  I was unable to find a suitable bus stop west of Linn and Palmer for these students.

The Barnes, Greenleaf route will be using bus stops this year.  This route has the biggest student population and is the longest at 1 hour and 15 minutes.  Since the majority of the children live in town, bus stops at the Greenleaf Club House and the Barnes Café are nice centralized locations.  There will be four rural stops along the way.  This should mitigate long rides for the students.

If you have any concerns please give me a text or call on my cell at  785-747-6956.