Preschoolers at Linn Preschool, enjoyed the Halloween party.
26 days ago, Sharon Nicholson
Preschool class at Linn enjoyed their Halloween party..
USD 223- Barnes Hanover Linn received 7 awards USD 223 received 7 awards from KSDE for excellence in education! Congratulations to our students, families, teachers, all staff and administration for their commitment to excellence. USD 223 earned Gold stars for our graduation rate and social-emotional growth programs, a Silver star for postsecondary effectiveness, Bronze stars in kindergarten readiness and Individual plans of study, a Copper star for academically preparing our students for graduation and we earned the State of Kansas Commissioner's Award for 2022! It is rewarding to see students', teachers', staff and families hard work and dedication to excellence pay such tremendous dividends! Congratulations USD 223 Barnes Hanover and Linn! Keep up the great work!
about 1 month ago, Lee Schmidt
Linn preschool and pre-k are studying nocturnal animals. We studied owls and made sponge owls for bulletin board.
about 1 month ago, Sharon Nicholson
owl sponge art
Preschool class watched a science experiment with apple volcano. We talked about chemical reaction.
about 2 months ago, Sharon Nicholson
apple volcano
The preschool class had the FACS class help them make apple dip, to go along with their apple study. They voted the apples, and stirred the bowls of ingredients for the dip.
about 2 months ago, Sharon Nicholson
apple dip
Pre-k watched as they predicted if apples would float or sink. Apples has been our theme topic for the second week.
2 months ago, Sharon Nicholson
apple prediction
Pre-k class was studying our senses several weeks ago and we had a taste testing experiment, with sweet, sour and food with texture.
2 months ago, Sharon Nicholson
Preschool pictures will be Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2022. Look for information in your child’s backpack Monday.
3 months ago, Sharon Nicholson
Any new 3 year olds or new 4 year old students will need to enroll online. Please be sure you get this done this week. Thank you!
4 months ago, Sharon Nicholson
Preschool reminder: School starts August 17, 2022 3 year old class Monday-Thursday 8:15-11:45. Pre-k class is Monday -Friday 12:30-3:30.
4 months ago, Sharon Nicholson
Parents of 3 yr. olds wanting to enroll, please call central office so you can get application filled out for your child. Thank you!
5 months ago, Sharon Nicholson
If you are wanting to enroll your child in preschool please notify central office in Barnes, or Sharon Nicholson email is
6 months ago, Sharon Nicholson
Linn Preschool- Classes for next fall 3yr old preschool is Monday-Thursday 8:15-11:45. Pre-k 4 yr old class is Monday-Friday 12:30-3:30.
6 months ago, Sharon Nicholson
Pre-k is staying cool the last day of pre- k!
6 months ago, Sharon Nicholson
The Linn Preschool has appreciated all the seniors that have participated in the FACS class and actively been a positive influence on our class. Thank you seniors! Good luck!
7 months ago, Sharon Nicholson
senior appreciation snack
Pre-k class celebrating “Week of the Young Child” with Musical Monday. They made tambourines out of paper plates.
8 months ago, Sharon Nicholson
musical Monday
Come join us for an informational meeting for 2022-23 preschool and pre-k enrollment, Monday, April, 4, 2022, at 6:30 the Linn preschool. Your name will be put on an interest list for enrollment.
8 months ago, Sharon Nicholson
Preschool class enjoyed a fizzy green egg experiment today as part of activities celebrating Dr. Seuss and Read Across America week.
9 months ago, Sharon Nicholson
experiment-fizzy green egg
Preschoolers did patterning with colored goldfish for Dr.Seuss activity and book “One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.”
9 months ago, Sharon Nicholson
dr Seuss one fish two fish
Nurse Jeri talked to the Pre-K class today about healthy foods, germs and taking care of our teeth. Thank you to Kelli Hoover for providing new toothbrushes for all the preschool children enrolled at Linn.
9 months ago, Sharon Nicholson
healthy foods