Desafortunadamente, esta es la época del año en la que normalmente vemos un número creciente de resfriados y virus de la gripe. Estamos viendo más de esto probablemente debido a que no pudimos desarrollar nuestra inmunidad en los últimos años. Si su hijo tiene fiebre de 100.4 o más, si está tosiendo, si le falta el aire, tiene dolores de cabeza, dolores corporales, vómitos o diarrea, debe quedarse en casa hasta que no tenga síntomas sin ningún medicamento durante 24 horas. Si tiene alguna pregunta, envíeme un correo electrónico a
about 1 month ago, Jeri Tegtmeier
Unfortunately, this is the time of the year that we normally see increasing numbers of colds and flu bugs. We are seeing more of this probably due to not being able to build up our immunity the past several years. If your child is running a fever of 100.4 or higher, if they are coughing, if they are short of breath, having headaches, body aches, vomiting or diarrhea they need to stay home until they are symptom free without any medication for 24 hours. If you have any questions, please email me at
about 1 month ago, Jeri Tegtmeier
USD 223- Barnes Hanover Linn received 7 awards USD 223 received 7 awards from KSDE for excellence in education! Congratulations to our students, families, teachers, all staff and administration for their commitment to excellence. USD 223 earned Gold stars for our graduation rate and social-emotional growth programs, a Silver star for postsecondary effectiveness, Bronze stars in kindergarten readiness and Individual plans of study, a Copper star for academically preparing our students for graduation and we earned the State of Kansas Commissioner's Award for 2022! It is rewarding to see students', teachers', staff and families hard work and dedication to excellence pay such tremendous dividends! Congratulations USD 223 Barnes Hanover and Linn! Keep up the great work!
about 1 month ago, Lee Schmidt
Governor Laura Kelly proclaimed, Wednesday, October 19th as School Transportation Appreciation Day in Kansas. USD 223 would like to thank our bus drivers, van drivers and Transportation Director Tim Mueller for all their hard work and careful service in order to transport our students safely to and from their destination! Thank you!
about 1 month ago, Lee Schmidt
USD 223 Community, We still are in need of a Custodian in Linn, a Cook in Hanover, and Activity Drivers. If you or someone you know is interested please call Tim Mueller at 785-747-6956.
about 2 months ago, Tim Mueller
We are currently experiencing phone outages at Linn and Hanover Schools. If you need to reach the schools please call the District Office in Barnes at 785-763-4231 You will then be transferred to the school you are trying to reach.
about 2 months ago, Austin Lawrence
Now Hiring Custodians and Cook USD 223 is looking to fill two custodian positions and a cook's position for Hanover Public Schools. Individuals must be 18 years old and hold a valid driver’s license. This position starts immediately. Applications can be found on the USD 223 website at Interviews and background checks will be scheduled promptly. Competitive wages and benefit packages are available. For Questions please contact Tim Mueller at (c) 785-747-6956 or email
4 months ago, Tim Mueller
Dear parents and students, I hope you are enjoying the summer break in good health and spirits. I want to take a moment once again to share the 2022-2023 school calendar ( on the district website and to let you know that we will be doing enrollment online this year. Online enrollment should be a convenient improvement to spending a day at the school. Later in July, we will share instructions and a link for each family to enroll. We are working diligently to streamline this process and make it as simple and convenient as possible.  Once you complete the online enrollment you will be able to simply stop by the school office to pay fees during the first week of August.       Also, just as importantly congress did not extend free lunch waivers for all students this year. Families should expect to complete the free/reduced lunch application for their children again this year after two years free to all, due to COVID.  The application will need to be completed by each family and will be available during fee payment.  I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and look forward to welcoming everyone back in August.  Lee Schmidt Superintendent Barnes-Hanover-Linn
5 months ago, Lee Schmidt
USD 223 is looking to hire summer maintenance help. Individuals must be 16 years old and hold a valid driver’s license. This position will start immediately and end August 12, 2022. 40 hours per week. $10 per hour. In the course of this job, applicants must be able to: Lift 40lbs above your head. Work effectively in high places to include; Ladders, Scaffolding, and rooves. Able to work in uncomfortable environments such as dusty, moldy, confined and hot areas. At times work unsupervised while completing agreed upon goals. Run various equipment. No allergies to paints, solvents, or cleaning solution. Applications will be taken as they come. A meeting with applicants will be conducted before hiring, for interviews and detailing summer projects/ objectives and expectations. For Questions please contact Tim Mueller at (c) 7895-747-6956 or email Wanted Custodians USD 223 is looking to fill two custodian positions for Hanover Public Schools. Individuals must be 18 years old and hold a valid driver’s license. This position starts immediately. Applications can be found on the USD 223 website at Interviews and background checks will be scheduled promptly. For Questions please contact Tim Mueller at (c) 7895-747-6956 or email
6 months ago, Tim Mueller
Parents of bus riders, As we are rolling into adverse and dangerous weather season; there may be times that our bus riding students leave earlier or later on their afternoon route. I will follow the weather closely and coordinate with the principals and superintendent if the need to adjust bus schedules arises. I will additionally inform you via Facebook, Twitter, and bus route group chats. If you have any questions give me a call. t
8 months ago, Tim Mueller
Due to recent events, Heather Stallbaumer and Cory Jensen will be working together to team teach social studies at Hanover Public School. Mr. Jensen is a certified social studies teacher and Mrs. Stallbaumer is our full-time teacher substitute for the school. Additionally, Mrs. Hagedorn will be available for any social or emotional needs students may have in the upcoming days. For questions in regard to this staffing, please address Mr. Schmidt at the central office. Thank you, Lee Schmidt
10 months ago, Lee Schmidt
Good morning, I wanted to refresh all the information we have shared about the COVID situation in the Preschool in Hanover. The kids will not come back to school until Thursday the 20th and they will need to wear masks through the day on the 24th, if no symptoms they may come to school without masks on Tuesday the 25th. If your children develop symptoms please let me know through my email or text me on 402-228-6251 and we can set up testing times if you choose to do that. Thank you for understanding the situation, (I hope and pray that this will improve soon). I truly love seeing your kids and can't wait to get them back to school. Jeri
10 months ago, Jeri Tegtmeier
Special Board Meeting Notice December 20, 2021 at 8:00am Barnes, KS District Office Discussion of personnel with possible action
11 months ago, Becky Bruna
Due to the increasing wind speeds and the possibility of severe weather during dismissal of school, USD 223 will be dismissing at 2:30 pm this afternoon. All activities for this afternoon and evening are canceled.
12 months ago, Becky Bruna
12 months ago, Austin Lawrence
We will be providing the Vaccine Clinic on Friday the 10th in Linn starting at 10:00. If you would like an Influenza or COVID vaccine for your children, please email me as soon as possible so I can get the consent forms out to you and get them back on time. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me at Jeri Tegtmeier, USD 223 School nurse.
12 months ago, Jeri Tegtmeier
Just a reminder that we will be having the vaccine clinic in Hanover schools this Friday the 3rd starting at 10:00. If you would like your child to receive the Influenza or COVID vaccine and you have not contacted me, please email me as soon as possible at Jeri Tegtmeier, RN USD 223 School Nurse.
12 months ago, Jeri Tegtmeier
State Champions!! Congratulations lady Wildcats!
about 1 year ago, Lee Schmidt
State Champs!!
I want to inform Parents and the Community on how to enter the building During school hours. If you arrive at the school all exterior doors will be locked during the school day. The only times the doors will be open is during drop off and pickup. Please hold down the Bell Icon on the access reader until you hear the Chimes. The office will then let you in once the have confirmed they now who it is. Please also stand in front of the reader so the person in the office can identify you. If you are having difficulty with this please call the Office at Linn School. I have provided a picture of the reader you will see the bell icon at the bottom. This works best when pushed with your thumb and hold for 2 seconds. I have also posted a short video showing how the Process works.
about 1 year ago, Austin Lawrence
Bell Icon
about 1 year ago, Austin Lawrence